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WE Shop #1

Our blog now has an intriguing new column - the secret shops we are crazy about!

Every few weeks, I will share with you some cool stores I often take my clients to, for several reasons – first and foremost due to their unique and stylish items, but also because you get the best “bang for your buck” - excellent quality at an affordable price, and of course also for inspiration purposes – some of these stores are like live versions of amazing Pinterest boards 😊

The first store I’m excited to share with you is the amazing Pas Normal!

The “Pas Normal” design brand was founded by Ronnie Keren and Maayan Carmel with the goal of bringing design and aesthetic lovers that are looking for innovative and unique items, to a variety of super chic and high quality collections, from all corners of the world.

In those collections, you can find furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles and complementary accessories, carefully handpicked and imported exclusively from Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium, NY and more.

The brand also imports products from leading and well-known brands such as FERM LIVING, and also niche brands of young designers from those countries.

Have fun!! Feel free to share your questions and requests with me 😊

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