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I am always asked if I can imagine what the end-result of a project will look like, and the answer is usually yes. The ability to envision the space beforehand is an inherent part of any architect's toolset. Along with the practical experience I acquired, I can see the hidden potential in any apartment or house when I begin a project.

Usually my initial instinct about which wall should be demolished and where the new shower should be placed, turns out to be accurate when brain-storming through the various layout options.

When I first visit the actual property, I usually take the “before” pictures, knowing which specific angles would demonstrate best the amazing transformation that will take place.

Even in cases in which the project scope is more minimal, or should we say cosmetic, it's still easy to see how a touch of color, or the usage of a different material, or perhaps specific lighting upgrades, can make a hugh difference between the initial and final state of the property.

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