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CoVid19 and the home we live in

In these crazy times, even though we will not rush into replacing our apartment, reality still requires us to re-adjust the usage of our various home spaces, now more than ever.

You might feel like some of the spaces in your house require adjustments, due to the recent change in the way we work and live. The toys that are scattered around the house and became a permanent part of the living-room scenery, can get a more elegant and efficient storage solution. The workspace (if there is one) which was once a deserted spot in the house - now became a focal point and a place where you might spend a significant time in. Bearing this in mind, you might consider upgrading your workspace to fit the new situation.

My specialty (and passion) is designing smart and practical storage solutions and spaces, no matter how compact they are. In my personal apartment, for example, we have redesigned the small utility space, converting it into a multi-purpose glass room that serves both as a study, as a semi-acoustic music room and as a utility/laundry room. Feel free to contact me for a focused counseling session in order to find creative solutions for your home during these crazy Corona times. During this counseling session, we will discuss your specific needs, and I will help you find custom-made solutions specifically tailored to your needs and budget.

This will also result in a furniture-layout plan, including precise measurements, and I will connect you with my most trusted professionals or suppliers that I work with regularly - my pot of gold :)

In the photos: my private study / music room / laundry area, and similar solutions for home office spaces designed for my clients, which are currently in the making 😊

Photography: Itai Benit

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