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A Bit About WE

the architects -  Efrat Weinreb

Efrat Weinreb


Founder & Owner 

Studio WE Architects is an architecture and interior design studio based in Tel aviv.

Founded in 2018 by Arch. Efrat Weinreb. (B.Arch Graduate with honours at ASOA, Tel Aviv University, 2014.)


Efrat spent several years working in Tel Aviv's top architecture firms, gaining experience  while designing and leading many projects, varying in type and scale. After leading her own apt. renovation project, which was featured in "2018 Open House TLV" event, and published on many local and international design magazines she opened her own firm, specializing in high-end boutique projects.

WE works together, understanding the clients' needs and translating them into a fine, well thought-of product.

The challenge of "cracking" the spatial and detailed design in the most creative and innovative way excites us! 

WE prioritize delivering a holistic, high-end designed space, with attention to detail.

None the less, it is highly important to us to bring an added value to each project, such as significant cut in expenses, a practical design, smart and unorthodox purchasing.

you can read here what our clients say about us.

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