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My Dyson's temple | Storage in Tel Aviv Apartments

People in Israel split into one of two groups - those who are absolutely in love with Tel Aviv and those who deeply dislike it. Those who dislike it will say that Tel Aviv is disproportionately expensive and they are right, if they do not put this argument in a comparison system. What does that mean? Yes, you pay more for living in Tel Aviv than for living in Holon, but on the other hand, you get life qualities immeasurable in money.

Like everything in modern life, it all comes down to a matter of priority.

Not once, my clients hear the phrase "trade-off" from me in the context of compromises and concessions regarding the project. If we have a certain size space and it has to include the kitchen, the living room, the dining area and the work area, then apparently one of these spaces will get the focus. Same goes for combining materials - to give a calming and pleasing look to crowded spaces, carefully choose the right mix, which object will be the diamond and which will form the background to help it stand out. Obviously, the cost per meter in a Tel Aviv apartment is significantly pricier, therefore, some people purchase a smaller apartment compared to the one they would buy in other cities and to that problem a smart design and storage solutions must be found to enable living in a practical and neatly designed home.

When customers come to my apartment, they see that I practice what I preach - the details of the carpentry in my house and in my other projects were planned after a "grocery list" was made. A custom-made grocery list, that contained all the items that needed to be stored, including esoteric items - for example: cleaning supplies, luggage, a printer, a portable litter bin, Dyson vacuum cleaner and all the keys and bags that are always thrown in the doorway. Things that can be found in most homes, but are not taken into consideration during planning, so the "regular" cabinets are unsuitable to storing them, creating a lot of junk and nowhere to store it. And although much thought has been spent on the living room, kitchen and rooms, non-aesthetic items are scattered around. Planning at such a resolution makes the designed space an aesthetic home easy to keep clean.

One of the storage compartments that always astonishes people is the "Dyson's Temple", Which basically is a compartment designed for hanging and loading the Dyson vacuum cleaner, in which all parts of the Dyson are arranged clearly and accessibly. Behind the compartment, an electrical outlet was designed in advance so that the Dyson is always charging, ready for work.

Other examples of unique storage solutions we have in our apartment are a cabinet with a niche used for hanging electric guitars and an amplifier, a laundry cabinet with internal partitions for sorting different types of laundry etc. These little details make all the difference, your home should be custom designed specifically for you, according to your specific needs.

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