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Greenery Galore

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Or: plants even you would have a hard time killing :)

A bundle of lavender branches, a dash of colour and a gentile scent. Photography: Efrat Weinreb

I admit it, we are plants serial killers. Somehow we can't manage to remember how much and how often we should water each plant. The end result is always the same - a sad reminder of a plant.

Cotton branches- it doesn’t get any “nordier” than this. Photography: Efrat Weinreb

I believe greenery is a crucial element in home styling and décor, it adds that "homey" feeling, as well as a pop of color.

So how did we incorporate that idea without having to buy a new set of plants once a month?

1. We chose super durable plants that usually grow up in a semi-desert environment such as Sansevieria (the tall plant in the study room) and various cacti.

2. We’ve ordered from our beloved online shopping giant “Ali Express” some artificial plants and kept only those which really fooled us and looked real.

3. We used dry plants such as cotton branches and lavender branches, which gives that organic vibe and stay graceful and lively for a long period of time.

Artificial plants we really liked:

Sansevieria - a strong and impressive plant. Photography: Efrat Weinreb
Cotton branches- it doesn’t get any “nordier” than this. Photography: Efrat Weinreb
Concrete planter with small cacti and succulents. Photography: Efrat Weinreb
An artificial plant, only a few dollars on “Ali Express” . Photography: Efrat Weinreb

Want to incorporate greenery in your home?

get in touch :)

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