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117 sqm Penthouse // "Old North" of Tel Aviv


The Family who lives in this penthouse Is a family of 5. The youngest daughter is a soldier in the IDF who still lives with her parents, the eldest daughter lives in her own flat nearby and the third sibling is currently living in Amsterdam, but comes to visit quite often. A warm and cohesive family, that after years of living in Jerusalem decided to relocate to Tel Aviv, near their eldest daughter.

The apartment is located in a central yet quiet street in the “old north” of Tel-Aviv, within a walking distance from the beach, the Yarkon Park, Even Gvirol commercial area, the Harbor and Bazel compound. During this time of their lives, in which long hours at work are replaced with lots of spare time and many leisure opportunities they can enjoy outdoors activities, cultural events and family quality time.

The original layout of the apartment was challenging, to say the least. The narrow lot, location of the staircase and elevator divided the apartment and created a space which is too narrow to be used as a room and too wide to be just a corridor. The solution was to enrich the corridor with hidden functions that were relocated from other areas in the apartment, which made the rooms and bathrooms more spacious and the corridor more useful and practical.

The penthouse is flooded with natural light from 3 different directions and a green scenery of the Yarkon park is visible from every window.

There’s a very distinct division between the public communal area and the private living area. The living room and kitchen have a very open and lit atmosphere which is benefitted from the front porch.

The Mamad room was converted to a walk-in closet of the master bedroom, but also can accommodate their son when he comes to visit.

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