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Northern Dead Sea // 240 sqm after expansion



As a young man living in the magical settlement of the Jordan Valley, he was fortunate in his early twenties to build his own home on land overlooking a magnificent desert landscape, with pristine desert mountains as a backdrop to the pepper fields and date palm plantations he cultivated during the warm days. The original plan was standard, not deeply considering his needs as a young bachelor but rather as a regular family home, just like the others built in the settlement during that time.

Over the years, he met his life partner, an interior designer by profession, and they decided to take advantage of their building rights and add a floor to the existing house, adapting it to the stage of life they were in - a young couple aspiring to start a family and settle in the settlement. It was the magical moment when they turned to me… After examining their unique lifestyle, their vision for their future family life, and their distinct design style, we began the planning process.

The public area of the house includes a spacious kitchen with an island that overlooks the living room. The existing floor plan consists of carpentry units designed to optimize storage in the house and grow with the family. From the kitchen, the view of the Red Mountains and Transjordan can be seen, it is impossible not to want to stand and cook in front of such a wild landscape.


The living room is located close to the garden exit, which showcases the desert in all its glory. It's a natural desert garden designed for dynamic hosting around a fire pit and equipped with a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

The desert is also present in the bedrooms, which were separated from each other and in the gaps between them, touches of nature were planned, in which a variety of cacti that the homeowner has been collecting in recent years will be planted. Filtered and softened light will penetrate the rooms, creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

The spacious master bedroom has two entrances - one from the main house and one from an outdoor shower, designed to remove the dust and sand from the day of a farm worker who comes home 😊


The added floor contains a playroom with a television, a kitchenette, and a fully equipped guest suite (for long weekend visitors). Access to this floor is through a transparent staircase room facing to the north.

The building's roof hovers and provides essential shading, critical for climate control in desert regions. Its columns are made possible thanks to black, precisely proportioned metal columns, reminiscent of iconic residential structures by the renowned architect Le Corbusier.

The existing building's roof is transformed into an entertainment terrace that overlooks the picturesque date palm groves and allows stargazing in a completely light pollution-free zone. Doesn't it make you want to relocate there for a while?

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