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180 sqm family house // Hertzeliya


They both grew up in a similar manner - she grew up in the Kfar Shmaryahu, and he grew up on a small street in northern Tel Aviv, right next to Yarkon Park.

They approached me when they made the decision to plan their dream home, near their parents in Kfar Shmaryahu.

When designing a private house that can accommodate the family's growth for the next 15-20 years, we need to engage in a thoughtful exercise and momentarily detach ourselves from the current day-to-day needs, such as having a nursery adjacent to the baby's room, and consider the future separation you may desire for your growing children. The house should be able to evolve with your family.

We brought in the expertise of designing flexible floor plans, based on our experience with compact Tel Aviv apartments where each space serves multiple purposes at different times. For instance, a workspace that can transform into a bedroom, and so on.

The interface between the house and the street is marked by a recessed fence that enhances the public space with greenery throughout. One enters through a gate onto the pathway leading to the main entrance. The ground floor of the house is divided into two parts - on the left side, there is a central space comprising the kitchen, along with a dining area and a living room. In order to create a visual separation in the soaring space with a ceiling height of approximately 9.00 m, we designed a custom-made piece of furniture, a dual-purpose pantry that serves both the dining area and the living room.

The dining area and adjacent garden were planned as a Crisscross - the planning of placing the trees and flooring outside the house considered what the view from the dining area would be. We created a large window, and through its second opening, a tree will be planted.

The double-height space allows for natural light to flood in, creating a sense of openness.

Next to the main exit leading to the garden, there is a door that connects to a multi-purpose room. Initially, it will function as a play and creative room for their 2 adorable children and all the friends they will invite to the playdate (next to the living room, so they can watch 😊). However, it is equipped with infrastructure and the design considers the future transition of the master bedroom (currently situated on the second floor) into that space, featuring a luxurious bathroom and a spacious closet. The MMD room can also be connected to the bedroom if additional storage is required.

The space is accompanied by a staircase clad in polished birch wood, providing a clean and airy ambiance.

If you turn to the right side from the entrance, you connect to a more private wing with a guest bathroom, an MMD room, and a work cubicle.

At the end of the corridor, there is an exit leading to the service area utilized for laundry, storage, and parking access.

On the second floor, there are 4 bedrooms - a master room including a bathroom, 2 rooms for the children, and another room that can be used as a study/playroom once the master goes down to the ground floor.



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