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120 sqm apartment // Ramat Ha'sharon


The clients are a couple in this stage of life where, when their children have grown up, and the private house they have been living in feels too large for their needs. They wanted to move to a more compact apartment that is tailored to their needs for the coming years.

They met during their work in the international news industry, and over the years, he has been involved in real estate and construction to some extent.

They approached me right after purchasing the apartment, at a stage where there is still an opportunity to modify its structure and, of course, all the finishes that accompany the new design.

Typically, 120 sqm apartments are designed with five bedrooms. Since their child does not live in Israel, they didn't need an extra bedroom and preferred to create more spacious areas by sacrificing one of the rooms, leaving them with four rooms, one of which was converted into a glass-walled work/guest room.

At the entrance to the apartment, there is an place to get organized before you leave the house or take the day off when you come back home. There’s a minimalist hanging shelf, and a carpentry unit conceals the electrical and communication cabinets. Further inside, there is a glass-walled workroom with exposed concrete walls.

The room features a carpentry unit that provides ample storage and open compartments that extend into the living room and kitchen. The carpentry is divided into two tones, nude and white. The seamless transition of the carpentry between the spaces creates a sense of spaciousness.

The kitchen, in an "ר" shape, encompasses a dining area. It features multiple work surfaces and a lot of storage. From the kitchen, there is access to a small coffee balcony that extends to the edge of the living room.

The living room is situated opposite a library that houses a TV and unique books from their travels around the world. In this carpentry unit, a precise detail was created to achieve a minimalist bookshelf appearance. The library creates a focal point in the space, while the spaces on its sides emphasize and complement it. Opposite the glass room, a work of art with an urban motif is hung above a shoe bench for locking and removing shoes.

The guest bathroom is clad in minimalist geometric tiles from the prestigious Italian collaboration with Mutina designers.

The hallway features a wide utility cabinet accommodating the washing machine, tool dryer, and more. The hallway has transformed from a mere "passage" to a clean and visually appealing area while providing numerous essential storage spaces.

The master bedroom was designed with a future-oriented perspective considering the need for accessibility in the years to come. A spacious wardrobe is located behind the entrance door to the room, and in front of it, a combined drawer unit with an integrated bench extends along the bed, with side tables suspended from it. This entire unit is delicately partitioned, creating a holistic and minimalist appearance simultaneously. The bedroom is equipped with iconic reading lamps from the FLOS company.





IMG_0418.jpg - UP
IMG_0257.jpg - UP
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IMG_0059.jpg - UP
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IMG_0136.jpg - UP
IMG_0576.jpg - UP
IMG_0072.jpg - UP
IMG_0560.jpg - UP
IMG_0626.jpg - UP
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IMG_0554.jpg - UP
IMG_0631.jpg - UP
IMG_0647.jpg - UP


Photographer: Itay Benit

Photoshoot stylist: Maya Livnat Harush

Tiling, Sanitary fixtures and Parquet: Mody 

Glass partitions: 100 Plus

Kitchen: Semel Kitchens

Counter top: Fervital

Carpentry: Leniu wood design

Light fixtures: Karney Tchelet, FLOS.

Art: Tamar Bernitzky, Ofri Marom, Mihcael Aviv.

Furniture: Habitat, Vitra, Tollmans

Accessories and textile: Josephon Carpets, Tollmans dot, Nortli, Tsili Brazilay, House6Moda.

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