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Town House, Ra'anana


A 25 years old town house, which went under a dramatic makeover.

The house was very old fashioned and its interior design was very “busy” and cluttered.

The new house owners wanted a fresh clean design to complement the complete renovation it needed.

The first very significant change we agreed on was demolishing the walls surrounding the staircase, allowing the space of the entrance floor to become more continuous. That created a much airy, spacious and bright feeling to the whole public area. The built banister was replaced with minimalist metal railing and a string wall separating the kitchen and the stairs to the basement.

The staircase itself was covered with parquet and the existing skylight was replaced with a more modern and minimalist one, allowing the staircase to be illuminated with soft natural light.

The kitchen is very open and lit and has lots of storage options, which helps keeping it clean and tidy even with 3 kids and a dog 😊

The kitchen island has storage as well as sitting area, which is used on a daily basis. Whenever they want to host dinner for family and friends it can serve as a buffet and the sitting area relocates to the dinning table next to it. A steel security door, leading to a terrace was replaced with a masterline glass door, allowing more natural light to fill the space.

To the "Before" pictures.

Near the impressive black entrance door, and opposed to the wooden staircase we concealed the guest toilet inside a pinkish cube. The “cube” is composed of a closet, a dresser and a wall of the same color. The carpentry contains a mirror, a place to put your keys, bag, a coat rack and shoes storage. The other side of the cube is a pink backdrop to the household piano.

The living room was styled with neutral colors, accented with greenery and yellowish touches.

The main bathroom was renewed, the original layout was similar, but instead of a shower we installed a bathtub for the use of the children.

The walls were covered with geometric patterned tiles. The custom made cabinet has CNC handles inspired by the tiles' geometry. Another upgrade this space got was the replacement of the steel security door into a sandblasted effect glass door.

The master bedroom was very old fashioned. It had plaster shelving and a huge closet you walk through in order to get into the master bathroom. This closet made the bedroom feel smaller than it actually was. The old bathroom went under the biggest change - it had a big jacuzzi that the new residents wanted to replace with a well-proportioned shower. The bathroom was divided into two rooms, one became the new master bathroom and the other was converted into a walk-through closet.





Photography: Itay Benit

Contractor: Omer Hatamov

Cabinetry: Semel Kitchens

Lighting Design: Arch. Efrat Weinreb with Lasri art of light \ Northern Lighting 

Furniture and Home styling: Arch. Efrat Weinreb,  Gali Livne, Golf&Co.

Production assistant: Yaeli Greenspan

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