Northern Tel Aviv

Completed  2020


After years of living in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, and a short time living abroad, the clients decided to put down their roots in the mellow neighborhood the husband grew up in.

After looking through some apartments, the selected one was located in a typical row house which underwent a collective expansion a few decades ago. All the added meters felt like an odd part of the house and not like an integral part of it. One of the main objectives of the re-organization and new layout was creating a more holistic and harmonic space.

While working on the different alternatives for the suggested floor plan, these add-on areas kept surfacing as *SLOAP (*Space Left Over After Planning) so we really wanted to use them as leverage and transform them from a disadvantage to the home’s highlight, and so we did. 😊

The solution we came up with was re-purposing the old dinning area into a roofed sunroom. An elongated multi-directional carpentry unit separates the main living area from the sunroom area. This unit consists of multiple functions: reading nook with storage underneath it, back to back library and a utility closet, laundry cabinet with a view to the kitchen, all these while also being the gateway to the sunroom.

During the demolition phase we discovered some constructional columns which were hidden behind wall cabinets or tiles so we needed to re-think the whole layout.

Despite the challenging original layout and constraints we faced along the way - the new plan was even better than the original one. The new plan met all of the clients’ requirements:

Spacious, airy, lit yet highly practical kitchen, containing lots of storage space. We opened a new window facing the sunroom, enabling more natural light to come inside. The ceiling-high cabinets are integrated in a niche, unseen from the entrance.

A main element in the living room is the shelving and storage unit, made of white birch wood, with CNC geometric pattern. It houses the owners’ vast books assemblage, a sexy liquor cabinet, a turn-table and an impressive record collection.

The study\guest room consists of two side by side working stations, as part of a large cabinet. Opposite to it we designed a reading\sleeping nook with upper and lower storage spaces and another book case.

The main bathroom is the room that was affected the most by the layout’s new constraints. Despite its elongated proportions it is still very spacious and contains lots of highly needed storage spaces, and it has a sitting bathtub which is perfect for bathing young children.

The nursery is super-lit and large, it has an irregular shape yet we came up with lots of creative storage solutions that would “grow” with the children. Its design was influenced by the Montessori discipline – meaning we designed the children’s environment to be ergonomically fitted for them, in terms of height etc.

The master bedroom is especially cozy and relaxing, it has a corner closet with a built-in vanity table, and has additional storage space around the bed. The master bathroom has a double shower head and double sinks. The cherry on top is the incredible Kibbutz-like view from the Belgian-style minimalist windows.

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Photography: Itay Benit

Contractor : Alexey Salamatin

Aluminium systems: Moti Aloni, Klil

Parquet: Deco-Plus

Kitchen: Regba

Kitchen & Main bathroom counter: Tani Mor Concrete design

Carpentry living room shelving unit + dinning table : Guy & Jonah

Carpentry work: Pashut Rihut

AC: Arie-Kor

Lighting fixtures: Northern Lighting

Bathroom cabinets: Ya'ar Fabio

Sanitary: HaKoach ceramics

Furniture, Textile and Accessories: Beitili, Tollman's Dot, Shechter, Pick-Up chairs, Taflya, Zvika Wallpapers, Baby-Lee,  Gali Livne, Golf&Co.

Wall art: Mexican Mango, Hibino, Shoshana Givon


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