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90 sqm family apartment

Heart of the City // Tel Aviv



In the recent "Open House" event, where the WZMN project was unveiled to the public, we were bombarded with love and appreciation. There's nothing better than seeing with your own eyes the JE NE SAIS QUOI that exists in complex and unique projects. 

On the first day, a charming and pleasant man came, toured the apartment, and immediately said, "I have to bring my partner." And so it was, the next day another friendly man arrived, asking intelligent questions during the apartment tour, and a few weeks later, we began the design process. The apartment was purchased by one of the partners before they met. It was renovated and designed to fit his life at that time, as a carefree bachelor with refined and non-conformist taste. 

Now that they are the parents of two sweet children, they decided to move back to that apartment, and of course, we had to make a makeover. To strip it down to the essentials and pour into it the new design that took all four of the residents’ needs into consideration.

In the original layout, the apartment was divided into two parts: A public space located on the street front, with a kitchen and living room with no defined space for a dining area, and a rear wing with bedrooms and bathrooms. The sizes of the bedrooms were disproportional - one very large room, featuring a huge window next to a bathtub, a long and narrow bathroom, and a half-sized additional room (which is not suitable for two children at their current age). 

In order to maximize the space of the apartment, we changed the division of the space so that the living room and kitchen are spread between the front and back facades, the master bedroom and its bathroom at the rear, and the children's room (with the potential to be divided into two in the future) and the guest powder room at the front. In the communal area of the house, there is a round dining corner that opens up and allows for spacious hosting, just as one of the partners, a trained chef, knows how to organize. 

From the first meeting, one of the requirements was to incorporate bold colors into the design, especially purple. And indeed, there are hardly any white walls in the apartment. When entering the apartment, there are two curved walls that lead us to the different spaces, one in purple and the other in green, both blend together, creating a harmonious and pleasant space. To give the colors their rightful place, all elements (including panels, carpentry, doors, lighting fixtures, etc.) were painted in a shade identical to the wall color, creating a “Tone sur Tone” atmosphere. 

In the smoky green wing, there are two flush doors - one leading to the master bedroom and the other to the laundry room and service area. The green wall curves and extends towards a beautiful and dramatic two-parallel wings kitchen. On the green side of the kitchen, there are tall cabinets that hide an integrated refrigerator, an oven, a niche for various electrical appliances, and a coffee corner. On the opposite wall, in an American walnut texture, there is a natural slate work surface with a wild texture. The work surfaces are particularly comfortable and spacious, allowing a view from the window while cooking or washing the dishes. 

At the end of the kitchen, there is a delightful enclosed balcony with a charming green view, serving as a cute workspace for the family members. 

The separation between the kitchen and the living room is achieved by a tall cabinet that, on one side, conceals the water facility and provides additional storage, and on the other side, creates an open niche enriching the living room. The cabinet wraps around the concrete beam that extends from the apartment and accompanies it from the entrance door, which is exposed and carefully preserved.

The living room is a welcoming space, and the homeowners wanted to keep it airy and free of bulky coffee tables. Therefore, we chose side tables that serve the curvy sofa and the stunning botanical print armchair. A beautiful original artwork hangs on the wall, creating drama and reflections. From the living room, you can access a pleasant sun terrace adorned with geometric tiles. From the terrace, you can admire the well-preserved buildings of the “white city” in all their glory.

The master bedroom is illuminated with pleasant light and has a minimalist essence. We decided to expose a glimpse of the original silica stones that existed on the wall and paint them in the color of the wall. On this lovely canvas, we incorporated precise black furniture pieces that were carefully selected, giving a masculine tone to the room. The wardrobe was designed to be the focal point of the room.


Continuing the minimalist style, the wardrobe includes a concealed door to the ensuite bathroom, and its overall structure recesses from the window to allow natural light to enter.

The ensuite bathroom of the couple is minimalist in its design but rich in textures, colors, and functionality. The room features a black terrazzo floor that harmonizes with a black wooden vanity cabinet topped with a stainless-steel sink. The wall facing the entrance is adorned with personally imported Italian tiles, meticulously chosen by the couple, creating a unique texture and depth.

The children's room was designed with a single carpentry unit that includes a partition allowing the room to be divided into two (for when they want to host friends) and united when desired. Each room has its own private area, with its special and personal belongings, while still preserving the experience of sleeping together.

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Photography: Itay Benit
Styling: Maya Livnat Harush

Contractor : Sahar Twina - Pi Projects LTD
Kitchen: Regba



Photographer: Itai Benit.

Photoshoot Stylist: Maya Livnat Harush.

Contractor: Sahar Twina - Pi Projects Ltd.

Kitchen: Regba.

Work surfaces: Dan Marble.

Artisan carpentry: Pascal Wooden Furniture Ltd.

Sanitary ware and tiles: Mody / HaKoach Ceramics.

Parquet: Mody.

Doors: stato/Rav Bariach.

Lighting: Sheka and Teka.

Chandelier: Zameret style light LTD


Art: Gal Gaon, Studio REISH, Rona Perlman.

Furniture: Adam's Furniture, Simply wood, RENN, Artijiani, Bring it home.

Textiles and accessories: House 6 Moda, Arco collection, The New Kefar Nursery, Josephon Carpets, Rosebud curtains, Lori goldstein ceramics, Tema, Nortli.

Wall paint: Tambor.

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