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65 sqm apartment // Bazel compound // Tel Aviv



The clients of this project are a couple who used to live in Tel Aviv. They "relocated" to the northern town, Zikhron Ya'akov 20 years ago. Now, alongside the building's TAMA 38 process, in which an elevator is added, they decided they want to move back to the city. Located in the vigorous heart of Tel Aviv, Bazel compound offers its residents a variety of caffès, restaurants, up to date cultural and local art scene, proximity to public transportation, health services and the ocean. But for my clients the most important benefit is living in walking distance (or a cab drive away) from their family and friends.

The apartment went under a comprehensive renovation, almost unrecognizable at first. We took down all the inner dividing walls (except the constructive ones) and re-organized the space in a more open and lighted layout. The space was thoughtfully redesigned in order to be fully accessible with a wheelchair, and the guest room can easily be converted into a room for a future caregiver.




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