80 sqm apt. renovation

Bar Kochva, Tel Aviv


The young couple, both part of the Israeli high tech community, approached me excitedly after the purchase of this apartment, located in the heart of Tel aviv, on a hyper central but super quiet street. During my first site visit I came cross a mazy, narrow space, which was divided into 4 rooms. The crumbling bathroom was about 50 years old and the only light came from the large living room window. The place felt very dark and small. 

After the first round of possible layouts, the one which stood out the most was the one with a glass study room, located next to the kitchen, effectively creating a much larger and lighter space. The use of glass walls allowed us to re-use the old bathroom window as a study room window, which serves the public area as well.

The new layout consists of 3.5 rooms - 2 spacious bedrooms, surrounded with the existing outdoors greenery, an airy study room and a very welcoming communal area. In addition, a new bathroom was designed, with a very fresh and clean vibe, aside to a baroque-inspired guest-restroom.

The new kitchen’s design has 2 wings, and the dining area is located between them. The ceiling-high kitchen cabinets add much needed storage room, while having their side as open shelving (as it is seen from the living room), which adds some decor-shelving units.

The white Belgic style aluminium profiles system, and the warm lamination parquet flooring both complimenting the bold (not to say dramatic) color of the kitchen cabinets.

In the master bedroom the closet was constructed around a remaining constructive-column in order to allow a flexible and open space. 

To the "Before" pictures.




Photography: Itay Benit

Contractor : Alexey Salamatin

Aluminium systems: Moti Aloni

Kitchen: Claude Carpentry shop

Carpentry work: Pashut Rihut

Lighting fixtures: Northern lighting

Parquet lamination: Deco plus

Accessories:  Gali Livne, Golf&Co, The Red Carpet

Wall art: INYOO


WE Architects  //  +972-50-3331397 //  Efrat.Weinreb@gmail.com // © 2014 by Efrat Weinreb 

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